Phi Phi Island

Why I will Never Ever Return to Ko Phi Phi Island

The more places I have a chance to visit, the more places I want to come back to in the future. Almost everywhere I go I find something I love about it and want to return. But an exception to this would be Ko Phi Phi Island in Thailand. I visited the island twice. When I first heard about it I thought it would be a great place. But by the second visit I knew it wasn’t. Since the friends I was travelling with on this trip wanted to go there, I agreed to go for a couple of days, but I didn’t change my opinion of Ko Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi - Longtail

It is such a tourist trap! It is a party-island so if you are into partying, you can go there and will probably love it! Go for the Full Moon Party. I actually liked the party on the beach the first night, but it was totally the same the second and third, etc. nights. There was dance music, fire shows, limbo contests, cocktails in buckets and free buckets for anyone topless. Everyone seemed to be drunk.

Phi Phi - Fire show

There is a famous beach on a nearby island; it’s from the movie “Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio. It too is a tourist trap! There is absolutely nothing to see, only the crowds of tourists, plus they make you pay an entrance fee! You have to pay to enter a very average, but famous Island that’s not even a natural reservation. They wanted 200 baht per person and of course the guy didn’t tell us about this extra fee when we agreed to the price of the trip. I hate this kind of approach.

Phi Phi - Longtail

Want to know what I still liked? The island itself is very nice and it’s quiet on the opposite side of the busy centre. At Shark Point you can dive and see small white sharks. There are absolutely no cars and neither are there roads anywhere on the island. You can also find lots of great choices in street foods until late at night.

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