Helicopter flight above Colombo

We reached Colombo on the New Year’s Eve one hour prior midnight. We decided to take it easy after ten days of alcohol prohibitions on Maldives. So the original plan was just to have a few light drinks somewhere on the rooftop, check out few fireworks and take a walk throughout the city. We were supposed to leave to see beaches in the Southern part of the country, then checkout mountains and tea trees plantation in the inner part of the island.

Way to the heliport

However, in the end, our day ended up looking quite differently. By a funny coincidence, Uber ran a tempting promotion — the helicopter flight above Colombo. Just to order via Uber app as a car. As simple as that. And in the first place — to be faster than the rest. As the price was 40 dollars per two passengers, there were more than enough people interested. Anyway, there was no other option than to stay in Colombo one more day than we planned. So the following day we both were just sitting and refreshing the app to get the flight. It seemed impossible since every time we tried, someone was faster. BUT! Right when we were about to give up trying, Lukas managed to order the flight!


And a few minutes later, we were already on the way to heliport by Uber. Uber team provided us with the little snack while waiting for our turn with few other people. We couldn’t wait to get on the helicopter so meanwhile, we were taking pictures, watching the helicopter taking off and landing to shorten the waiting. And then finally it was the time!

The pilot asked if anyone was interested in sitting right next to him. Everyone seemed hesitating so I went ahead, took the seat — and definitely had no regrets! I enjoyed the limitless stunning view — plus I felt like a co-pilot. I have never flown by the helicopter before so everything was very exciting right from the take off.

Me as a copilot

We have flown above the Colombo and could spot places we walked through the day before. It was amazing. The whole flight took just 20 minutes but our excitement lasted for the rest of the day. Actually for a couple of days.

Helicopter pilot

After getting back down to the ground, the Uber driver took us back to the guesthouse. Our very nice landlord was already awaiting us alongside two grumpy European tourists. Well, no wonder they were grumpy since they were supposed to take over our rooms and of course we didn’t make moving out on time for our unexpected little helicopter adventure.

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