New friends in Paris

Even a Missed Flight Can be an Adventure

While travelling things go wrong sometimes. But usually it all turns out great, a time of unexpected and cool experiences, just as happened when I missed a flight for the first time and so far, for the last time as well.

My flight was from Prague to Buenos Aires, Argentina with one stop in Paris. It was during the month of January while snow was just beginning to fall over Prague. We took off after a long delay and landed in Paris about 10 minutes before my connecting flight to Buenos Aires was due to depart. At this point I still had hope, thinking maybe my connection was also delayed, maybe the plane would wait for me, if I ran to the gate maybe I could catch my flight … but no. I was too late. All I could do was stand at the window and wave goodbye to my plane.

Once I caught my breath I noticed that I wasn’t the only one. Two guys from a flight from London missed this flight too. The next one takes off tomorrow at the same time. So what now? It was now almost midnight so the airline automatically gave us accommodations at the airport hotel along with some food stamps.

We went to our hotel, got a drink and then went to our rooms. Airport hotels are used to these types of guests so are ready with what you need, a toothbrush, small toothpaste and a few other necessities.

The three of us agreed to join up together and go to the city centre in Paris the next day. As I said, it was January and the temperature was about minus 8. And our plans were to fly to Argentina where the weather was hot at the moment. None of us were prepared to spend a day in frosty Paris. I had only jeans and a thin hooded sweatshirt to wear. So we did some sightseeing, but our plans quickly changed to a tour de bar. We ended up having a day filled with fun.

Playing on the bar

Sebastian was from Argentina and Greg had been there several times. They told me all about Bariloche, which persuaded me to change my travel plans to go there. And I have them to thank for that!

What great adventures have you had when missing a flight? I invite you to share your escapades in the comments section!

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